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Over the years there has been many changes in recommended flea control for companion animals. Fleas breed very quickly and are able to develop immunity to many great products. It is our opinion that topical flea control is no longer as effective as it used to be, including Frontline, Advantage, and the Seresto Collars. We are currently recommending oral flea control like Nexgard and Bravecto available by prescription.

Fleas actually spend a very short amount of time on your pet to feed. Their eggs can be laid on any sort of surface not just carpet! The best way to keep these pests out of your house is to treat all pets both inside and outside. 

In our area fleas are active all year round, the fall months being peak flea season here. It is recommended to treat all animals all year round. Once you have an infestation it can take up to three months to rid your house of them!

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